Sylvia Ortiz

My name is Sylvia Ortiz. I started working out at the age of 16, focusing only in aerobics. I was a simple slim/skinny person, after a few years.

I got married and moved to California, a place where I had my first two kids. While pregnant I gained a couple pounds. I enrolled in the local gym after my second child, and I was soon on my way to becoming my old slender self. After moving to NC, my marital problems slowly began affecting my health. I noticed myself falling into a bit of depression. I decided I needed to get motivated and so I drove to find a gym. I needed to find something positive to occupy my time.

I started looking into the gyms here in Asheboro. Back then my english was very bad. I was very self conscious about my english. I was always embarraced to ask the trainer for information or even walk in the door of any gym. Most of the time I went into a gym I only walked away with pamphlets and information sheets. In California there was always someone who spoke spanish close by. In North Carolina, having bad english was much more difficult. I was becoming very discouraged and didn't know what to do.

Then one day on my way to the DMV I noticed a sign that read Nautilus Family Fitness Center. I decided to make a stop and have a look at the gym and see if there was someone I could actually talk to. The first person I saw was Scott Soule's big ole smile, welcoming me to the gym.

The first thing I said to him was "my english isn't really good. I hope you can understand me."

He said "of course, but first of all, let me give you a tour."

Once we started the tour I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a well equipped gym, and most of all, very clean. I quickly become a member,and this was 11 years ago. Scott made out a plan for me. He said it would be very healthy for me to gain some more muscle.

I picked up running and more workouts at the gym to try and occupy my time and get away from my problems. I was still having marital problems. Sadly, I reached a point where a divorce was the only option.

Soon after getting remarried I had my third child. I noticed I had become over weight from the pregnancy. I got back in the gym as soon as I could, and then shortly after picked up my running again. The staff at Nautilus encouraged me all along the way. Not only did I get back in shape, I'm in the best shape I have ever been!

On December of 2012 Scott offered me a job. As of January 2013 I started working at Nautilus Family Fitness Center as a personal trainer/instructor and teach nutritional cooking classes. I enjoy working with people, to change their lives through working out and living a healthy lifestyle. I consider my self lucky, because I can count on the support and the friendship of Angie Brown and Scott Soule. Thanks to God. I have a loving family and a job!! I'm truly blessed by God. Thank you Scott!!

Sylvia Ortiz