Scott Soule

My name is Scott Soule and am the owner of Nautilus Family Fitness Center. I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York and graduated from the University of Brockport in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. In 1994, I had an opportunity to move to Durham, North Carolina and work with Greenbrier Academy where I was the physical education and athletic director.

Always having a passion for health and wellness, I maintained a healthy lifestyle even after college football. In the Summer of 1994, I became involved in the fitness industry. I took a Summer job with the head of Gold's Gym as a sales consultant. After only a short period of time, I was promoted rather quickly primarily in sales. However, although I excelled in this area, my passion was in health and fitness. I enjoyed every aspect of the industry and decided to remain in the health and wellness field rather than returning to teaching.

Within the first year, a position was available at Gold's Gym in Chapel Hill. I was offered the position of assistant manager. After Chapel Hill, a General Manager's position was offered to me the Gold's Gym in Cary, North Carolina. While in Cary, I also had an opportunity to be a part of a consulting group that would work with fitness facilities that were financially struggling and help them become successful. This was a great opportunity to meet many individuals that shared the same passion for health and wellness. As our consulting group grew I found myself on the road more and more moving away from what I enjoyed the most, relationships.

In 1997, I moved to Asheboro and managed the Powerhouse Gym. Again , I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people as I worked toward my goal of owning my own facility one day. In 2000, my dream finally came true. I opened Nautilus Family Fitness Center in Hillside Shopping Center. I felt as though the journey and my faith had prepared me well. However, I quickly learned I have a lot to learn and still do to this day. My goal was to open a facility with which anyone would feel comfortable exercising even if they had never been in a fitness facility before.

What a journey this has been over the last thirteen years. I believe with all of my heart in the grace of God and that his grace has been with me during this journey. I also have to say that I have been surrounded by some amazing people who are passionate about helping others achieve where they need to be or want to become in living healthier lives. I also realize my success would not be possible without very loyal members. The city of Asheboro is very unique, and, I am very thankful for all of the support of our dedicated members for so many years.

Ultimately, I would like to mention my family. I have a wife, Tara, and two absolutely amazing boys, Nicholas, age 13 and William, age 7. Our fitness facility is a dream come true but my family is my life!

Scott Soule