Lisa Ward

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a member and instructor at Nautilus Family Fitness. Originally from New York, I moved to the south when I began elementary school. My mother raised me and my three siblings on the east coast of North Carolina where she became the first female officer for Long Beach, NC. Coming from a law enforcement background, with both my mother and step father being police officers, finding time to misbehave was not an option. Therefore, I stayed active in school and the community by participating in sports and community drives to support those who were in need. This allowed me a foundation that I have kept with me and instilled in my family today.

In 1997, my husband, two children and I moved to Asheboro, NC. We chose Asheboro for its proximity and the school system. Shortly after moving, my husband and I wanted to find an activity suitable for our entire family. In 1998, we found Kim’s Black Belt Academy, enrolled and after five years of hard work, achieved our black belts in TaeKwonDo. That experience encouraged me to continue to stay mentally and physically fit and after our children were old enough to become more independent, I joined the gym.

My husband became a member of Nautilus in 2004, however, I had chosen another local establishment and it wasn’t until 2007 that I became part of the Nautilus family. My initial draw to becoming a member of any gym was obviously that of many; to be healthier, loose weight, feel better and look better. I began training with cardio machines and weights but my real passion was class participation workouts. Being part of team and striving to reach similar goals was exactly what drove me to where I am today.

I became an instructor, with Nautilus, several years after joining and truly love the role. Being part of the Nautilus team, coupled with the commitment and drive of the members, fuels me to motivate them and myself even harder in order for us all to achieve our personal goals. This role is rewarding for not only the transparent results but also a pride and sense of gratification to be part of close nit community and its people.

I challenge/encourage you to: JOIN the Nautilus family, COMMIT to a life style change, BELIEVE in your abilities and ACHIEVE rewarding results!

Lisa Ward