Tammy Carrico

Hello My name is Tammy Carrico. I quit smoking seven years ago and gained 60lbs.I was going to be a Grandmother for the first time and I thought if I am going to keep up with a little one I better get healthy and lose this weight.

In October of 2012 I joined Nautilus Family Fitness Center and it was the best decision I have ever made. I have thus far in 4 months lost 42lbs and lost 7 inches. During this same time period I have gained 2lbs. of lean muscle. Joining Nautilus has been a true life changer for me. It has been a hard one but I am succeeding and that is what I am wanting to do.

I have also been able to come off one of my meds and that is a great feeling! I still have some work to do and i will win this. Nautilus has helped me with the physical exercise and they have also helped me change the way I eat. I know that if you do not do that you are wasting your time and money to go to the gym.

I have days where I am so tired after work and would like to stay home but I get up and go to the gym anyway. When I leave after my workout I FEEL GREAT!!! I always so glad I didnt stay home!!!

I have lost from a size 20 in shorts to a 13/14 and from a size 3X to a large in a shirt. It feels good to be shopping in the Ladies section instead of the Plus size! I feel absoutley great and would not be doing anything different in my life . The staff at NFFC is a great bunch of people and I love them all ! They have been so good to me and I thank them. Scott has really inspired me to keep on going by our talks together and I thank him for all he has said and done for me!!!