Sherry Fox

When I first came to Nautilus, I really came to try and kick start my body again into losing weight. It seems I was in a lull. I had been dealing with some life issues and had put on 15 lbs. and wanted desperately to get rid of it. My 2 kids were getting married within two weeks of each other (more stress) so I wanted to shed the 15 lbs if possible. I have to admit, I wasn’t really excited about being here but thought that it might motivate me to lose if I joined; as, nothing else was really working.

When I came in, everyone was really nice. Eric asked me what my goal was and I told him “to lose 15 lbs., to tone up and to just be healthy”. So, he set out to show me the machines and to set me up with a workout plan. The next day I came in and I saw a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in awhile and we reconnected and became gym partners. This has made it so much easier as well. But, on days she couldn’t come, I still came anyway. I tried to be very diligent in being here and as I started to see changes in my body, and even others started to notice, it became fun (for the most part) and I didn’t want to miss any days. I typically am here 5 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days I’m just not feeling it and want to be elsewhere. Not only did I lose the 15lbs but an additional 19lbs.

After I had lost the weight, I met with Scott and he did a body fat analysis on me. He also showed me what 1 lb. of fat looks like vs. 1 lb. of lean muscle. OMG is all I can say about that! I must say, I became very emotional at this point. Seeing this lb. of fat was very eye opening as to what I was doing to my body. In the past, when I would lose one lb., it did not seem like a lot to me. What a great visual image going forward when I lose 1 lb. OR gain 1 lb. I also encourage you to have a body fat analysis done in the beginning. It is very helpful going forward and have Scott show you the 1 lb. of fat and lean muscle he has in his office.

Changing my eating habits was another integral part of my weight loss. I’m not good at all with writing things down and really just hate having one more thing to do, so I don’t journal all my food intake and calories. But, I do know how to eat healthy and basically I just ate a lot of fruits, veggies and lean meat. I love sweets, so I do occasionally have those still, just in smaller portions and not every day of the week. If I make something at home that is sweet, I eat some of it and then take the rest of it to work and share so it’s not in the house to tempt me!

I’m not through with this journey; as now, I am learning how to maintain and not put the weight back on. Lilly and Scott have been great to work with in getting me on a plan to do this as well. The thing I love about this gym is everyone is so willing to help you, including other long time members. All you have to do is ask!

Now my mindset is changing as well….truly losing for the RIGHT reasons. Slowly but surely my self-esteem is getting better and I truly appreciate the staff and my friends from work that go to the gym that encourage me so much. They have truly been a blessing in helping me achieve this goal and more.

Some things I have learned in my “wise” years, (not old) is this. You have to want to lose weight and become a healthier you, for YOU. I promised myself that I would no longer do that for anyone else again. After raising 2 kids, I decided it was time for me. That sounded very selfish to me after being one to always put others first. But, little did I know that if I had taken the time a long time ago to be a better ME, that I could have been a better person all the way around to others too, especially my kids.

For all you working mothers/fathers (that includes stay at home moms – you work hard!) who think you just don’t have the time, it’s ok to make the time for you. You are indeed worthy….

~Sherry Fox