Paige M.

I read a quote recently by Steve Furtick that said “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” This quote sums up my life before the Nautilus. I would always judge myself based on what other people looked like. The people at the Nautilus asked me to share my story and I feel like for you to really understand my story, we have to start at the beginning.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer and weighed 155 pounds. That is the lowest weight I can remember being. While going through chemotherapy and radiation I was told to eat all I could. Well when all the treatments were over no one told me to stop. After seeing my weight go over 200 pounds I decided to change. I tried numerous diets but all I did was starve myself and make myself miserable. Once off of those numerous diets, I gained back every pound I lost and more.

Then, when I met my husband in 2010 I weighed 180 pounds and I was okay with my weight and size. However, after getting married, comfortable, and lazy I gained over 50 pounds in our first year of marriage. I decided December of 2012 that something had to change. I looked around Asheboro and tried to find a good price for a gym. When I walked into Nautilus Family Fitness Center the first person I met was Scott Soule. He was a welcoming and smiling face compared to other people at other gyms that I met. I talked to him about my struggles with weight loss and he listened and genuinely cared. When I joined he gave me a large index card and told me to go home and think about short term and long term goals for myself. At first, the work outs were easy, and everything that Scott asked me to do I did. When I weighed in on January 3, 2013 I was 236 pounds, my heaviest ever. I was not happy about that weight but Scott sat me down and gave me some very reassuring news. I wasn’t totally fat. I actually had more muscle than fat. That is very good news to a girl who has always thought of herself as fat. So I started working out regularly. My husband joined shortly after I did and we started going to the gym first thing in the morning, 4:30am. That is really hard for a school teacher to do but I felt like it was a good option because as a school teacher I am exhausted after work. About a month into my workouts I wanted to weigh but Scott urged me to wait (he was right, by the way). I was getting very frustrated because I wasn’t seeing results. I had been on diets before and knew that I could go back to them and lose all the weight I wanted to and I could do it quickly. I went on Facebook to vent these feelings and Scott caught me. He called me into his office for a meeting. We talked about the difference that just this month at Nautilus had done for me. I was a lot more active, my clothes weren’t tight, I had given up all soft drinks, and I was happier and not exhausted. However, having always been heavier I wasn’t focusing on the good things I was focusing on the negative. Scott talked me out of this negative mood and even prayed with me, which was exactly what I needed. After that I didn’t ask to get weighed again. I didn’t weigh for another two months. This was a great struggle for me because everyone I knew kept asking how much I weighed and how much I had lost but I couldn’t tell them because I didn’t know.

When I finally got to weigh, Scott was right, it was a good thing I waited. I had lost 14 pounds and 13 inches in 3 months. I was so excited. Scott couldn’t believe it and neither could I! I was so excited! The old quote is right, “Good things do come to those who wait!”

To say that being a part of the Nautilus Family Fitness Center has been awesome would be an understatement. The people at this gym are wonderful! They genuinely care about not only your well being, but your life in general. I don’t want to think about my life before because I know that I am on the road to a better me!! I might never be a size 2, but that’s ok, I’m going to be the best me I can be!

Before: 236 lbs.

After 3 months: 222 lbs.