Megan Barbe

I was never one to do much physical fitness. Then one day in December of 2011, I decided to go for a run, and before I knew it, I was running on a regular basis. By February of 2012, I was at a stand still with running and wanted to do more.

Joining a gym was something I was very hesitant on. My last attempt at joining a gym was a joke. I went for about a month and then I was stuck paying the monthly fee until my contract ran up. I wasn’t so sure I would have the time nor the motivation to do another gym membership, but was wiling to give it a try.

On March 7th, I joined Nautilus for a month just to see if I would stick with it. After all, I was working two jobs at the time and was a full time student interning in Pinehurst, NC. Surprisingly, I was able to make time in my busy schedule for at least thirty minutes for the gym. Whether it was running on the treadmill, taking a class such as Kettlebells, or just doing some of the machines, I was at the gym at least 3-4 days out of the week. After a month was up, I was still sticking with it and had found the time to go, so I signed up for a full year.

After awhile, I started to feel different, I had more energy and felt better overall. If I wasn’t able to make it to the gym, I could tell. Soon my 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes, turned into 4-5 times a week for 45min to an hour and people started to notice. I started lifting more weights thanks to Wade Lawson and Adam Carter who graciously let me work out with them and showed me what to do.

I kept hearing, “you’re loosing weight”, or “you’re looking good,” and even though I loved hearing those things, I didn’t really believe it. I just knew I felt better and had more energy. I didn’t really change much to my diet…I love food too much! I cut out fast food and soft drinks for the most part, but nothing too drastic. I still ate desserts, just in moderation.

It wasn’t until I went on a cruise in January of 2013 that I finally saw a difference when I compared pictures from a year ago.

Now I have a full time job down in Pinehurst and a part time job on the weekends, and I still find time to make it to the gym 5-6 days a week for at least an hour, usually 1.5. I may have dropped five or ten pounds, but I’ve turned fat into muscle and toned up. I’ve also progressed with my running and I am entered for my first half marathon at the end of April. Working out and being healthy has become a lifestyle change. I actually look forward to going to Nautilus after work each day. The staff and the people there are wonderful and very encouraging!!! Thank you Nautilus Family Fitness Center!!