Matt Kirkman

I joined Nautilus Fitness last year a month after my wedding. Before joining I had started toiling away at my home gym with limited equipment, however once I was married and moved into Asheboro I no longer had room for the simple weight bench and I had reached a point where I wanted to do more.

Joining Nautilus was a great decision and eventually I convinced my wife to follow suit. It has been not only fun but also a great bonding experience with my wife to workout together a few times a week. With her getting into fitness it has boosted my results as we get a little competitive and we have been eating healthier than ever.

My days are spent working in construction and I have noticed that the physical toll that it takes on my body is not nearly as bad as it was a year ago before joining Nautilus. I have more energy and overall less pain throughout the day. The strength increase has also been great as I have to carry over 250 pounds multiple times a day for my job, and trust me it’s a lot easier now.

Since joining Nautilus Fitness my jeans are no longer tight, my belt has multiple new holes, my energy level has dramatically increased and I am down to 15.9% body fat. The road may have been long but it was made easier by the staff of Nautilus and the friends I have made there. I still have goals to achieve and a long road ahead but I know with the help of Nautilus and the support of my wife I will get there.

~Matt Kirkman