Josh Rich

A few months before walking into Nautilus my family and I were on vacation together, a cruise paid for entirely by my parents. This was quite a task considering that my family consists of my parents and a total of seven children, all married with their spouses, and a handful of grandchildren. We all had an awesome time especially me, as I had recently graduated from college and was using this trip as sort of a celebration. However, after looking at the pictures from the trip I realized for the first time how overweight and out of shape I was.

After a few days of denial and frustration, I decided that something had to be done. I then evaluated my lifestyle with an honest outlook and came to the conclusion that I was not the same person I was when I graduated high school, as a previous football player and team wrestler. I was now thirty years old weighing 237 pounds and wearing a size forty pant. Not only that but every activity, even my new job for which I worked so hard to achieve, seemed to tire me with ease. I decided I was going to get in better shape no matter what.

During the first days of March I walked into Nautilus, just to check out the gym and the people there. It was there I met Scott for the first time and we began discussing my reason for coming in. After talking with him and taking a tour around the facility, he invited me to come back for a trial membership and see how I liked it. That was five months ago, and I have been coming in regular ever since. I now wear a size thirty-four pant, weigh 220, and I’m consistently losing fat while gaining muscle!

The people here are great! The staff is extremely helpful and supportive, as well as inspirational on a daily basis. I could not have done this without them. The other members are also just as friendly. This gym prides itself in being family oriented and it could not do a better job. When you become a member here you are not just joining a gym you are joining a family of friends that want to see one another succeed and I would recommend that to anyone!