Blake Shaw

I joined Nautilus at the end of October in 2012. I was having a rough semester and was battling depression for a multitude of reasons.

I woke up one morning and finally decided I wanted to do something, I wanted to feel better. I went to Nautilus expecting a place to workout but what I got was much better - a family.

The first days were rough. I didn't know much but Eric and Scott taught me about my first lifting routine. I then started talking and getting advice from other people, which in turn made me a lot of friends.

Now, 5 months later I can see a huge difference in who I am mentally and physically.

My weight is down since I started to lose in January and my strength has skyrocketed by comparison. I go to the gym almost every day and always see at least one friendly face who is always welcoming. I've never felt so good about who I am as I do today.

I am so excited to see my continual improvement of health and wellbeing in the months to come. Thank you so much Nautilus Family Fitness Center!!!

~Blake Shaw