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I have been going to this gym for a looooong time (17 years!)…and the last 10 years on a very consistent almost daily basis. I go here that much mainly because of the friendly-family atmosphere. Yes-it has great equipment and machines- but the employees and the members are what sets it apart. Everyone is very nice and makes you feel welcomed.

Also- a HUGE plus are the classes they have along with their instructors. I attend several kettle bell classes each week and a ‘crossfit’ class as well. Those classes have done more for me in the area of weight loss and getting and staying in shape than anything else I could do. The instructors push me- and the others- but they do it in a fun way…

so even though the classes are tough- we know its for our own good. The members and the instructors in these classes are like family now, and most of us keep coming back from week to week because we like the challenge and we enjoy the camaraderie in these classes.

As a high school football referee-coming to Nautilus ensures that ill be in good shape and be able to run up and down the football field for—hopefully- many years to come!

I have been to other gyms, but mainly used elliptical machines and fumbled around on machines. After six years of being inactive, I decided to take a look at Nautilus. I was impressed right from the start- the staff was incredibly friendly and really cares about the members!

My first tour was with Angie and she talked with me the whole time that we took a tour of the gym. We even discussed my hesitation to become active again, because of how high my heart rate gets (in the 180-200 range). Angie was extremely supportive and encouraged me to see a local cardiologist.


After my visit to the cardiologist a discovering that my upper and lower chambers were firing off too soon, I decided to improve my heart health and join Nautilus.

Since I first signed up, Scott (owner) took the time to sit down and create a workout plan that walked me through my goals. Both Scott and Angie were right beside me the whole first week, and equally watched my heart rate via two heart rate monitors. I have never had such thorough input from the staff at a gym (especially the owner!), who truly wanted to help me obtain my goals and educate me the proper way to use the machines.

If you are looking for a gym that wants you to succeed, you should definitely join Nautilus. The whole environment is welcoming and friendly! The vibe is extremely positive- you can tell that Scott and his staff truly care about the members- the vibe is contagious! This was one of the best investments I have made in my health!

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